Log Bee Hotel

Log Bee Hotel
Log Bee Hotel
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This simple log bee hotel is a perfect addition to any garden or an ideal gift for any age! With holes for nesting bees on both ends the bees in your garden will appreciate this warm safe home.

There are around 250 different species of bees in the UK, roughly 92% of these are solitary bees. Solitary bees live alone and nest in small holes, like those in this bee hotel!

Other insects will also be tempted to use this bee house such as solitary wasps. Solitary bees and wasps are important pollinators for plants and crops, a great reason to attract them into your garden!

This log bee hotel features a rope for hanging it up and holes both ends for bees to use for nesting or shelter.

Approximately 20cm x 9cm.

"Help bees" - Laurel
Not used yet as deciding where best to put it
24th October 2021
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