All Year Ground/Table Mix

Wheat Free Bird Food Suitable for bird tables Suitable for ground feeding
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This product has been discontinued. Please try our Robin Ground & Table Mix instead.

Ground and table feeding birds such as Robins, Dunnocks and Thrushes love our All Year Ground and Table Mix, made without compromise this mix is suitable for a wide range of wild birds.

This wild bird food contains no wheat or fillers and is hand mixed in Hampshire at the time of ordering for optimal freshness!

Providing high levels of protein to support wild birds through the breeding season, as well as high levels of energy for keeping warm through the winter this mix is ideal for all year round feeding.

No ingredient will go uneaten from this mix and garden birds will be waiting every morning for you!

Blackbirds and Thrushes find the sultanas in this mix irresistible, however if you have cats or dogs we recommend our Pet Safe Ground and Table mix which does not contain sultanas.

As with all our seed mixes, our Ground and Table Mix contains no wheat or cheap fillers and is hand mixed in the UK.

Please note: 15kg comes in 3x 5kg bags for optimal freshness and easy handling.


Sunflower Hearts, Rolled Naked Oats, Pinhead Oatmeal, Peanut Granules, Sultanas

Feeder Style:

Ground, Bird Table

Suitable for all year round feeding.

Do not feed around pets.

Enjoyed By:

Blackbird, Blue Tit, Brambling, Bullfinch, Chaffinch, Coal Tit, Collared Dove, Crested Tit, Dunnock, Fieldfare, Goldfinch, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Great tit, Greenfinch, Hawfinch, House Sparrow, Lesser Redpoll, Linnet, Long Tailed Tit, Magpie, Marsh Tit, Mealy Redpoll, Mistle Thrush, Nuthatch, Pied Wagtail, Red Wing, Robin, Reed Bunting, Rook, Siskin, Skylark, Song Thrush, Starling, Tree Creeper, Tree Sparrow, Willow Warbler, Wren

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"Best Wild Bird Mix" - Cheltbird
This is a first class product (the birds love it), in plastic free packing, delivered very promptly.
What more could a bird lover ask?
16th August 2021
"All round" - Steve
Birds love it never had such a variety on my table.
6th July 2021
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