Recyclable Bird Food Packaging

Our Mission:

Here at Peckamix we are very aware of our impact on the environment therefore we aim to reuse and recycle everything we can.

  • All our food safe Polythene bags are recyclable*.
  • We reuse materials where possible, this includes using paper sacks as void fill.
  • All orders are packaged into recyclable cardboard boxes.
  • All recyclable waste from our warehouse is recycled, this includes all plastic bags from raw ingredients taken to our local collection point for recycling.

*Check with your local council to see if Polythene is recycled in your curb side bin or at your local collection point.

Bags: Our bags are made from food safe Polythene which is 100% recyclable*. It can be recycled many times over to create new products, more times than paper packaging in which the fibres degrade and become weaker. We have chosen to use polythene bags due to their strength, ease of use, waterproof qualities, and the ability to keep our food as fresh as when it left us.

Boxes: Everything we send out is packaged into recyclable cardboard boxes. We also re-use boxes where possible from items we have received.

Void Fill: We avoid void fill wherever possible, we prefer to cut the boxes down to size. However, if we need to use void fill, we repurpose empty paper sacks from our raw ingredients. The paper sacks can be recycled with the box.

We have looked into a biodegradable alternative to polythene bags but believe biodegradable packaging isn’t strong enough for the weight of our products. Plus, during our research, we have come across opposing opinions on biodegradable packaging due to break down into microplastics in compost heaps and the need for oxygen to degrade which is not available in a landfill site.