Suitable for bird tables Suitable for ground feeding Suitable for seed feeders
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"Just what I had read they would do" - Wendy
These seeds are magic, I read squirrels hate them and thought I would give it a try. I had given up feeding the bird as the squirrels were constantly emptying and destroying the feeder. I have started mixing the safflower into my bird food and the birds can't seem to get enough of them but after a couple of attempts the squirrels aren't even bothering to climb up the pole. These and the pinhead oats came well packaged and in good time at great prices making feeding the birds a viable option when everything is so expensive at the moment. I will be coming back to Peckamix in the future.
28th December 2023
"birds are happy" - Alex
Order received on time and well packaged. Birds are wading though it at an alarming rate so must like it. Hoping the bitter taste will deter squirrels but yet to establish whether that is happening.
10th December 2023
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