Rolled Naked Oats

Rolled Naked Oats
Suitable for bird tables Suitable for ground feeding
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Rolled oats are suitable for soft billed birds such as the Robin and are loved by most ground and table feeding birds.

These rolled oats have a much higher oil content than human porridge oats so make an ideal energy source for our garden friends. The process of rolling whole oats enables the proteins to become more soluble and easier to digest, plus stops the oat growing in your garden!

Cooked porridge oats should never be fed to garden birds as cooking causes them to become glutinous which may harden around the beak.

You can find Rolled Naked Oats in our popular Ground Mix. We don't recommend including them in mixes for hanging feeders.

Feeder Style:
Ground, Table - Suitable for all year round feeding

Loved by:
Blackbird, Collared Dove, Dunnock, Mistle Thrush, Robin, Song Thrush

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