Mix Your Own

Mix Your Own Bird Food

In just three easy steps you can create your very own wild bird seed mix to suit the garden birds in your area. Our mix your own service makes it easy for you to experiment with a wide range of ingredients without the need for you to buy and store all the individual seeds yourself.

Each ingredient has a detailed description for your guidance, including the feeding methods and which species of birds will enjoy each seed. Simply select the ingredients you wish to include in your mix, decide what percentage you would like of each ingredient, then choose your bag size and we’ll do the rest! Your order will be hand mixed in the UK exactly to your specifications to meet the same high standards as our own seed mixes.

Select all the ingredients you'd like to include in your custom mix:

Black Sunflower Seeds

£0.29 per 100g

Dried Calci Worms

£1.39 per 100g

Dried Mealworms

£1.53 per 100g

Hemp Seed

£0.60 per 100g

Kibbled Maize

£0.20 per 100g

Kibbled Peanuts

£0.66 per 100g

Niger Seed

£0.57 per 100g

Oil Seed Rape

£0.27 per 100g

Pinhead Oats

£0.28 per 100g

Rolled Naked Oats

£0.28 per 100g


£0.36 per 100g

Suet Pellets - Berry Flavour

£0.46 per 100g


£0.88 per 100g

Sunflower Hearts

£0.51 per 100g

White Millet

£0.29 per 100g

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