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All Peckamix Seed Mixes are now available in 15kg and 20kg paper sacks!

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Peckamix - Wheat Free Wild Bird Food

Here at Peckamix we are passionate about great quality bird food. Whether you are looking for excellent seed mixes to bring wild birds flocking to your garden, high quality straight foods, or fantastic bird feeders and accessories, we are confident you will not be disappointed with our range of products!

After searching other brands, we discovered very few mixes are wheat and filler free, so we decided to produce our own bird food without these cheap ingredients for our own garden birds, that’s when Peckamix was born. We pride ourselves on producing great seed mixes tailored to suit specific feeding styles and the seasons of the year, so if you are passionate about feeding wild birds in your garden look no further! We source as many of our ingredients from the UK as possible.

We provide a unique service which enables you to create your very own bespoke wild bird food! This allows you to design a seed mix using a range of ingredients to suit the preferences of the birds in your area.

To view our informative bird fact file and other interesting articles visit our advice page. If you have any questions about any of our products or if you require further advice, then please don't hesitate to get in touch on 01264 527008.

So pleased with my hamper from Peckamix! Beautifully wrapped and arrived so quickly. Grandpa will be delighted with his gift!

Ella Clayton

Had my bird feeders delivered and already had a lot of blue tits, robins and goldfinches, great tits and one wren within an hour.

Katie Dennis