No Wheat Seed Mixes for Garden Birds

High quality bird seed mixes with no fillers or wheat, hand mixed in the UK.

Wheat Free Bird Seed for Wild Birds

At Peckamix we strive to bring you the very best wheat free wild bird foods, for this reason none of our bird seed mixes contain whole wheat or penny pinching fillers to encourage a wide variety of birds to your garden.

All our wheat free seed mixes are specifically tailored to the seasons of the year with different feeding methods in mind to ensure minimal wastage. Every mix is made to order for optimal freshness and hand mixed in the UK.

Our wild bird seed is available in plastic free paper sacks, in 15kg and 20kg sizes. Below is our range of no wheat bird seed mixes:

Peckamix Wild Bird FoodsWhy Feed Wheat-Free Wild Bird Seed?


Wheat has very little nutritional benefit, yet it is the main ingredient in most seed mixes due to it's low cost.

Less Waste

Wheat is often picked out by small birds, creating mess below the feeders and potentially attracting pests.

Better Value

Feeding a cheap seed mix is a false economy when the wheat will get picked out by the small birds in search of more desirable ingredients.

Not Desirable

Robin, Tits, Finches, Sparrows and more will not eat wheat! Only Pigeons and game birds will, yet it is the most common ingredient in traditional mixes.

Attract More Variety

Feeding a broader selection of nutritional ingredients can help attract a more varied select of birds to your garden.

No Fillers

Peckamix seed mixes have a Sunflower Heart and Kibbled Peanut base, with added ingredients to suit the nutritional demands of each season.