Suet Block Feeder

Suet Block Feeder
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This hanging suet block feeder is great value and will prove a great addition to your garden as it is suitable for multiple uses, they not only fit all standard sized suet blocks but they are also great for providing fruit pieces, kitchen scraps, and nesting materials for your garden birds.

You can hang this feeder either using the chain provided, or the feeder has screw holes (screws not provided) so it could be attached to a shed, fence or similar.

To fill with suet blocks simply unclip the front panel.

"Surprise visitor" - Sheree Leeds
At first I thought the suet block was being ignored despite seeing a few beak marks. However, yesterday we had a crow feeding from it. Luckily there was a branch nearby for it to perch on as I don't think it would have been successful otherwise. A super addition to our garden.
5th May 2021
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