Upclose Window Feeder

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Get personal with your wild birds with this Upclose Window Bird Feeder.

Wild birds are stunning with their fine plumage, particularly during the breeding season when their feathers are vibrant and in full health. Window feeders are a great addition to any garden and will attract a variety of birds, including those bold Robins and Tits.

If you have limited outdoor space or a small balcony then a window feeder is the perfect way to add a touch of nature to your patch!

The Upclose Window Feeder is made using high quality clear plastic and features drainage holes to prevent food becoming waterlogged, suction cups to secure the feeder to your window, and a rain canopy to help keep food as dry as possible.

Each Upclose Window Feeder also comes with a lifetime guarantee! Fill these feeders with a seed mix, mealworms, suet or pieces of fruit and watch from the comfort of your home as the birds come to enjoy the feast!

Capacity: 0.5 litre

"Upclose window feeder" - Mrs AM Cottom
It didn't take long for some birds to find this on our window. The coal tits are having a ball!
5th November 2023
"Upclose Window Feeder" - Jezza Ev
Great product and the blue, coal and great tits love it
8th August 2022
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