The Official™ Woodcrete Nest Box 32mm

The Official™ Woodcrete Nest Box 32mm
The Official™ Woodcrete Nest Box 32mm
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We love these nest boxes and with a 25 year guarantee we are sure you will love them just as much as we do!

Featuring a 32mm hole the Woodcrete nest box will be a welcome home for most small birds, including great tits, blue tits, coal tits etc.

Every single year we have a successful brood of blue tits in our Woodcrete nest box at Peckamix HQ!

Each nest box is really easy to clean ready for the next family once you are sure the nest is empty, simply unclip the metal tab and slide off the front of the nest box ready for emptying and disinfecting.

Woodcrete nestboxes are made to withstand the worst winter weather year after year, as well as staying cool during the hottest of summer temperatures to keep young and adult birds safe from varying temperature extremes.

Virtually indestructible the Woodcrete nest box will provide security from predators to roosting or nesting birds whether you choose to hang it from a tree or building.

Each nest box measures 260H x 170W x 180Dmm and weighs a solid 3.6kg. We would love to hear what you have had nesting in your garden!

We currently have the 32mm green version in stock.

"Excellent and the birds love it" - C Walker
I bought two of these, one for myself on the Wirral and one for my daughter in Newcastle. We each put our houses up at the end of March and within a couple of days we had visitors who chose the house and started building their nests.
The houses are solid and heavy and feel like they will last.
Very happy with the product.
5th May 2021
"Bird box" - Sally
Ordered recently to replace an old wooden box. New one is bigger and heavier than I anticipated, should last forever! Just hope we have more success with this one than all previous boxes which were never used!
16th June 2020
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