Pinhead Oats

Pinhead Oats
Pinhead Oats
Suitable for bird tables Suitable for ground feeding Suitable for seed feeders
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Pinhead oats are naked oats chopped into small bitesize pieces making them ideal for young and smaller birds, such as the Dunnock with their fine beaks.

Enjoyed by many soft billed birds pinhead oats can be found in our ground and table mixes to provide an oil rich food source, this is particularly important through the spring and summer for parents trying to feed their hungry young.

Pinhead oats are a great no mess food!

Feeder Style:
Ground, Table, Hanging Feeder - Suitable for all year round feeding

Loved by:
Blackbird, Chaffinch, Dunnock, Mistle Thrush, Robin, Song Thrush, Wren

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"Clean mix" - GrandmaW
A lovely clean mix which I add to the bird table and feeders to complement other mixes
23rd June 2020
"Pin head coats " - Andrea
Different buy they seem to like them .
19th May 2020
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