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Unfortuantely Honest 2 Nature has discountinued these suet pellets. We are not aware of any other non-beef suet products on the market currently. For normal suet pellets, please see our Berry Suet Pellets.

Unlike traditional suet pellets for birds, these Honest 2 Nature Eco Suet Pellets are made from super sustainable non-beef suet from insect fats!

With all the benefits of fat-rich suet, these eco-friendly pellets add the additional protein from the dried insect content, meaning they're packed full of the kind of energy that wild birds love.

Recyclable & Compostable Packaging:

The 1kg pack of suet pellets come in 100% compostable packaging, whilst the 12.75kg comes in a recyclable cardboard box.

How To Feed:

Place suet pellets either on a bird table, ground tray, hang from a feeding station using a peanut feeder, or add to seed mixes.

Available in 1kg and 12.5kg sizes.

Size £/kg Price * Saving
1kg - Out of Stock £4.59 4.59 £0.00
12.75kg - Out of Stock £2.33 29.75 £28.82

* Savings are based on the first row being the base £/kg price

"Eco Insect Suet Pellets" - Jbil
First time I have got these birds love them and good value
16th April 2024
"Birds love them" - Barbara Thoroughgood
Excellent food for the birds. They love it.
9th April 2024
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