I Love Robins® Feeder

I Love Robins® Feeder
I Love Robins® Feeder
I Love Robins® Feeder
I Love Robins® Feeder
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We love this I Love Robins hanging feeder for wild birds!

Featuring an easily adjustable dome to deter larger birds from landing on the tray, and made from crystal clear materials to allow you superb unobstructed viewing of the birds, this feeder will be a perfect addition to your garden.

There is plenty of room on the tray for small birds such as Tits, Robins, Sparrows and Finches to perch and feed comfortably.

This feeder is suitable for feeding our ground and table mixes, robin mix, no mess mix, mealworms, suet pellets, and suet balls.

Hang this feeder anywhere in your garden for hours of bird watching!

Please note, this is the full sized feeder, not the smaller I Love Robins® Pearl feeder.

Dimensions: 255W x 325H x 255D mm
Dome Diameter: 255mm
Tray Diameter: 183mm

"perfect feeder " - Paul Pattison
The small birds love this feeder and it is perfect for keeping the bigger ones at bay, like the pigeons .
21st October 2020
"I love this feeder!" - Fatbirder
I love this feeder! The design not only ‘does what it says on the tin’ but is very pleasing to the human observer. The basic idea is that it allows small birds to get to the food while excluding some of the larger ones which tend to hog the feeders or bully other birds. The great thing is that it is adjustable. When I first hung it out in the open it was quickly discovered by blue tits who ate their fill inside the feeder just as some birds will hop onto a tray or bird table. Great tits also turned up and fed from the rim. It occurred to me then that I needed to make the opening a little wider as it was a squeeze for the larger tits. Having done so we also moved the feeder to a bush which cannot be reached by the neighbourhood cats or our occasional sparrowhawk. An hour later and it had become a dunnock sanctuary. Our couple of pairs of dunnocks are adept at managing the traditional hanging feeders and trays but remain shy and are the most easily dislodged by starlings etc. Day two and both blue and great tits were back and this time confident enough to feed inside the feeder. Within a week our goldfinches were using it as a fully stocked waiting room when their fellows had packed out the sunflower-heart feeders. A few days later out house sparrow flock had found they could use it too. The great thing is that it is second choice to the larger sparrows and greenfinches and a back-up for the goldfinches, but its first choice now for shy dunnocks and a safe haven for tits. Nearly a month in and we’ve not yet seen a robin inside despite the meal worms, but the incoming robins are only just checking the garden out and our summer pair are long gone.I’m very positive about this new addition to our feeding station, thanks Peckamix!
14th November 2017
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