Spikes Meaty Supper Wet Hedgehog Food

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Introducing the newest gem in the Spike’s Hedgehog Food collection - Scrummy Meaty Supper wet food tins! Spike's have crafted this complementary food with utmost care, making it highly nutritious and lip-smackingly delicious for all wild hedgehogs.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, this product has no artificial flavors, colours or added sugar. This high moisture recipe supports hydration ensuring that your prickly pals receive only the best.

Feeding Spike’s Scrummy Meaty Supper to hedgehogs regularly will not only leave them feeling full and satisfied but also encourage them to visit your garden all year round.

Feeding guide:

Place in a shallow dish and put out before dusk in a quiet area of the garden, along with a shallow dish of water. A mature hedgehog can eat about 100-150g each night. If you find food is being left, then reduce the amount left out.

Composition: Meat and Animal Derivatives (59%, of which 8% Chicken)*, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin*, Minerals.

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